Week 1


- collecting and organizing lifestyle photos for marketing documents

- attending meetings with team members to identify the brand direction 

- learning how to use "The Hive" (the company hub)

- working with IT to get set up in the company drive

(approximately 6 hours)

An early iteration of a slide from the pitch deck


- full team meeting to discuss new brand direction

- taking notes during team meetings

- editing copy for marketing materials 

- photo research for marketing materials

(approximately 6 hours)

Photo groupings I created to find photos with a cohesive feel


- download and begin to learn InDesign 

- finding and sorting images (converting to jpegs)

- copy revision 

(approximately 7 hours)

My (somewhat embarrassing) first try at learning InDesign


- image searching 

- finding potential construction companies to work with on future projects 

- brand development meeting 

- branding and marketing meeting

- learning InDesign and creating project sheets

(approximately 8 hours)


My second attempt at InDesign!

- finding contact info for construction companies

- AP exam 

(approximately 1 hour)

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